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Introduction of Product

Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder

FrontView of Winkind Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder W-HRV8 R

      EndView of Winkind Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder W-HRV8 R

    Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder,so being called "black box of Vehicle" ,is install and can record on the vehicle,saving,manifestation and print the vehicle movement speed,time,mileage and the relevant vehicle circulates other appearance informations of the safety of the numerical type electronics record equip.

Main Functions
1.Anyone of the following trouble is existing:
        Brake pressure insufficient;
        Engine oil Pressure insufficient;
        Warner centigrade too high.
The recorder will give warning to driver with following 3 ways simultaneously:
        Buzzer sound;
        Blinking background of LCD;
        Showing characters.

The SoftWare

2. Can record floolowing actions of vehicles real time:left lanmp,right lamp,reversing light,car       door,high beam headlight,dipped beam headlight,break,vehicle start-up and speed,etc.
3. Doubtful data of accidents:Vehicle traveling data recorder continually records and memorizes the       corresponding vehicle traveling speed and all kinds of status signals 20s before it stops,with a       time interval of 0.2s.
4. Vehicle traveling data :Recorder can continually record data of the driving time for 2000 hours.
5. Overspeed reminding :Recorder will beep alarm and blink alarm when the speed reaches the       conventional the highest mph.
6. It can record the break time under exceptional situations.
7. It can continually record vehicle traveling data and different kinds of doubtful data everyday       within 2000 hours.
8. It can continually record the accumulative driving mileage from the designated statistical time of       vehicles.
9. Driving status data:Vehicle traveling data recorder can offer real time corresponding driving speed         messages both under the statuses of driving and stopping.
10. The base uint of vehicle traveling data recorder owns its unique serial number.
11. It can record the data of first-time installation automatically.
12. Can set messages of identifying code,license number,license sort,driver code ,driver license          number,real-time clock,driving license number of motor vehicles verified by traffic administration          department vehicles' top speed.
13. It can auto detect vehicle's signal lamp status,etc.
14. It can record the identity of the driver.
15. It has a dot-matrix display with backlight.
16. It has the function of data printout.
17. It has USB and standard RS232 data communication interface.

In fine,Use Winkind Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder, can reduce the automobile because of the trouble that small problem did not handle but bring about in time, The significant exaltation goes the car safety, Guaranteed the people's life and the property safety, Lower the cost of the business enterprise, Raise the production control means that the economic performance provided the forerunner for the business enterprise.
(1) Base uint:composed of microprocessor,data memorizer,real-time clock,data communication interface and operating keys.
(2) U-disk:used to read the data of vehicle traveling data recorder and set information to vehicle traveling.
(3) Data analyzing software:make an integrated analysis of the data
(4) Printer:Microprinter
(5)Computer(used in system management)

Winkind Vehicle Traveling Data RecorderW-HRV8b

Winkind Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder W-HRV8 cd

      Winkind Vehicle Traveling Data Recorder W-HRV8g2
Specification Type
    The series of WH has 6 kinds of types totally,that is:
Type Main Functions Feature Technology
W-HRV8b Basic Data Recorder:recrod Over-Speed alarm,record Over-time alarm,the black box record and body identify
The display and hosts separate
128*64 greatest LCDs manifestation
W-HRV8 R Basic type,Include the above-mentioned function The display merges with the host
128*64 greatest LCDs manifestation
W-HRV8 cd The strengthen type,On basic type,Iccrease function
Basic type,Standard CD type,The printer inside(Choose to go together with),
IC card,Can be automobile factory's kit
W-HRV8g1 The strengthen type,On basic type,Iccrease function
On basic type,The GPS fixed position function inside
W-HRV8g2 The strengthen type,On basic type,Iccrease function
On basic type,The GPS fixed position function inside,Communication function
W-HRV8g3 The luxurious type On W-HRV8g2,Increase the navigation system

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