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FuZhou WinKind Traffic Electronics Co.Ltd,is high-tech company that has the independent legal person qualifications.The company fixed position raises and strengthens safe function concerning transportation equipments at the electronics technique that makes use of the forerunner continuously,Concentrate on the research and develop various automobile electronics product particularly,These products are microprocessors that makes use of the forerunner to monitor, the storage automobile circulate various important parameter within process and can alarm in time also,alarm in time can reduce to have an accident past of all rate, but store these parameters data to then contribute to the analysis and keep the proof.

The company has already made the pattern marking of "Winkind" and companies manage the bureau registration toward the national industry and business,the trademark registers the number:3468589,the product of the company development, all according "Winkind" to assign name to.Company the subordinate section contain manager's room, market department, engineering department, the technique development department and the finance departments.

The company own a deluxe expert from every variety, include the development team that automobile realm, the calculator software and electronics technique etc.s constitute, among them, the professional technical personnel has 80% of the head office above, the company stares at the development of the automobile electronics realm of world tightly, the time contribute the transportation realm aspect that the most advanced technique applies to the our country to own power for the exaltation our country road transportation safety!

The automobile drove to record the instrument to pass the province center examination of Fukien successively and central examination of a transportation of public security official safe product quantity direct examination,The certificate serial number respectively is:(2004)MJDZ-0222.

ĦĦĦĦThe company is being engaged in the passenger transportation company, the freight transportation company of the road transportation and automobile factory, business agent etc. with whole country to build up the good cooperative relation,the company is expanding the headway with the steady step!

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