Currently the product of our company is all getting at home and abroad extensive success applied.In regard to domestic,The most north arrive HaErBin of HeiLongJiang,The most south arrive Guangzhou Guangdong,Most the east arrives Shanghai,Most the west goes to Kelamayi in Xinjiang,the synopsis list as follows:
HaErBin HeiLongJiang BeiJing military_district certain troops GuangZhou GuangDong
ShenZhen GuangDong RiZhao ShanDong NanJing JiangSu
YangZhou JiangSu ShangHai ChangZhi ShanXi
JiangYuGuan GuSu FuZhou FuJian XiaMen FuJian
QuanZhou FuJian KeLaMaYi XinJiang HongKong
In regard to abroad,Currently the product is applied already in Sudan. According to management system of vehicle traveling data recorder,In addition to Chinese simplified Chinese version, the English version also develops the success, match with applied in Sudan,Succeeded to develop Chinese People's Liberation Army's troops appropriation version at the same time.The edition of Chinese traditional Chinese and Arabian language also will soon push toward market.
Be limited by the space, raise two conduct and actions representatives only here.

The product of our company drive the customer evaluation is:" Combine the safety and production drive to record the instrument most perfectly"(100 strong business enterprises of Chinese logistics- Great language of ShengHui in FuJian logistics Group limited company, The company for the most large-scale conveyance company in FuJian, have more than 700 cars totally), The safety that nation emphasize is more, But for business enterprise, should also should do a lot of good for their production, But we all knot this both sides to put together, Deep get the customer to endorse, The hope can continue to provide the function price to compare the high product for the large customer.

Manage the level for the sake of science of the exaltation business enterprise, Guarantee the vehicle safety drive, The management of promote the business enterprise production go on wheel, At the same time for carrying through and carrying out "Law of the Road Transportation Safety" , Match with the upper grade supervisor section concerning application that further makes the good automobile to drive to record the instrument( be so called the black box of automobile), Make a more contribution for the our country road transportation safety, Should take charge of to buy into the model number research to manufacture by permanent stability winkind traffic electronics limited company of Fuzhou in June of this year the W- HR series Vehicle traveling data recorder, Install respectively in: From the big card (the model number T850N) of the Mitsubishi that the Japanese Mitsubishi automobile company produce; From the male lion that an automobile of the AuMan in BeiJing factory produce 320 drag along the head (the model number BJ4171SKFJA-4); From the big card (series of CA51) of the liberation that a vapor in China produce; From the automobile of Chinese JiNan factory produce SiTaiEr drags along the head (the model number ZZ4162), Through the movement circumstance that a period of come, evaluate as follows:

  1. The product physical volume is lovely, the structure is reasonable, adopting the aviation type to connect the plug-in, installing the simple convenience.
  2. A card of body and data collect the card adoption appropriation USB dish, the driver operate in brief, safe credibility of data.
  3. The function is strong, exceeding the speed limit to report to the police, the fatigue reports to the police and records accurate.
  4. Data integrity,leak entirely,From drive to keep the view diagram and can search the automobile at whole lie to transport all speed of on the way and time relations,When run about, walk how long, who driver of,When park the car and stop how long, Is clear at a glance; Ex-20 curve diagrams of seconds from the parking, Can know to see an appearances such as speed and brake etc. of each 0.2 seconds.
  5. The stability and the anti- interference abilities are strong, I take charge of the main car vice- car a person system of the automobile execution, The long-playing full burden of vehicle circulate, From import the car to the domestic car, Although the automobile electricity function contain difference, But drive to record the instruments all normal work of ability.
  6. Aim at the electronics type table of distance that vehicle have, The data recorder needn't to connect to spread another feeling machine again, Economical cost.
  7. The product Power consume low, to any electricity parts and functions of the automobile, all without bad influence.
  8. Manage the software operation to understand in brief, Convenience management the usage of the section.
  9. Combine the safety and production drive to data recorder most perfectly.

On Summary,Since applied vehicle traveling data recorder,Is a main car regardless or vice- car,All went the important guarantee function that the car have to give to their safety to the product full affirmation,But for supervisor section,Can for the driver of the driver and fill in of go the car record to deny the integrity should be accurate,Had the means of science to carry on the direct,Therefore,The product of our company gets the approbation of this customer.

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